Text 14 Oct 2 notes So Far No Good

Yay, I’ve kinda made it this far. I’ll be honest, I cheated BAD!!!! On Friday I had a quesdilla, those pretzels with the cheese inside of them, and then had froyo with hot fudge and marshmallow creame with sprinkles and m&m, a piece of cake, and a brownie cookie thing. If that’s not bad enough, Saturday I had TWO bags of chips. It’s like I want myself to fail. :’(

Don’t worry, I figure skate so I know when you fall you just gotta get back up and try again. I feel like the first big cheat is always the hardest to pick yourself up from but I’m going to go with what Davy Wavy loves, the “80-20”, being good 80% of the time and having your small portion of YOLO foods 20% of the time. Me and my best friend, who was nice enough to start “dieting” with me are going to have YOLO foods every Saturday. Don’t worry it won’t be anything crazy like last time, maybe just one or two chocolate chip cookies (my biggest cravings). I thought this might be helpful to get me through the bad days…


  • to look amazing when I look in the mirror
  • to have to fight boys off with sticks
  • to not feel fat around my slim friends
  • to look good for my mom and my best friend’s weddings
  • to not have to worry if clothes are still going to fit
  • to need to take in my clothes (I’ve always wanted to do that)

To reward myself once I get half way done, 142 lbs, I’m going to buy myself an OGorgeous bag. It’s super cute, comes in French Rose (super classy), and has a place to put your yoga mat, which my mom bought for me as a you-can-do-it present. Gosh, now I can’t wait to get down to 142 lbs. 

Today: 167 lbs                                    May 2013: 117 lbs

Progress: 0 lbs                                    To Go: 50 lbs

While some people might not see that as great, I’m proud. If I hadn’t cheated so badly I probably would have seen like a pound or two gone so I’m okay with it cause at least I know I CAN progress. I CAN DO IT!!!

Text 9 Oct First Day of Forever!!!

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I’m making a lifestyle change. BLOGilates and healthy food here I come. So this is how how I’m going to keep track of my progress. Okay, now to the basics.

My name is Danielle Copeland. I am 19 years old and a sophomore at Cornell University. I double major in Economics and Statistics; have a job at the Mathematics Library Thursdays-Saturdays; am in the figure skating club that meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays; am in the Society for Women in Business; am a member of the Finance Club that meets on Tuesdays; and am struggling to still have an actual social life. So obviously that doesn’t leave me a lot of time to go to the gym, especially when the gym costs $120 and I’ve already spent $250+ on figure skating club and classes. I’m one broke college kid. I used to run track and cross country in high school so not going to the gym was a heaven send.  Unfortunately, between my lack of gymming and/or running and the fact that dinning hall food is actually quite good here, I’ve gained a lot of weight. Two, three years ago, I used to be sub-130 lbs, which is still pretty high for me seeing as how I am 5’3”. This May I weighed in at 180 lbs!!!! My mother who is 5’10” weighs 180 lbs. That is so not okay. So this summer I buckled down and lost 10 lbs while working 9-5 in Manhattan as an intern. So now I’m no longer categorized as obese but that doesn’t make me any healthier. The goal is to look amazing for myself as well as look good for my best friend’s wedding next year, I’m a bridesmaid :) Plus I wanna look amazingly amazing in a bikini this summer!!!!! But that’s always a given.

Today: 167 lbs                                               May 2013: 117 lbs

Progress: 0 lbs                                               To Go: 50 lbs

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